Porto has plenty of interesting sites to see, and you'll certainly find yourself wishing the conference took longer. However, if you have the chance to stay in Portugal for a few days more after the conference, you might also like to visit other places nearby. One of them is Guimarães.

Guimarães is the European Capital of Culture in 2012, and the oldest Portuguese city, which is also UNESCO World Heritage, has a lot to offer. From its architecture to excellent, traditional restaurants, bars and cafés, not to mention a busy cultural programme, you'll enjoy your time there.

If you like to visit it, we suggest you follow one of routes indicated by Guimarães.

You can easily get to Guimarães by train, from S. Bento station, which is located in the centre of Porto.

If you and some friends or colleagues would like to visit it as a group, we can suggest a guide, who can show you the best that the city has to offer.

We hope you enjoy your time in Guimarães.